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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How can I reach you if I have many questions?

Please send email to [email protected] or via contact us form. You can also live chat with us if we are online.

2.Do you have heating and sound option?

Yes, all our dolls are heating and sound optional. These two features are not frequently asked by customers, there are extra charge for these two features. If you need it please contact us before ordering.

3.Vagina/Oral/Anal sex are available for all dolls?

Yes, all dolls have these three ways of sex.

4. Are all these heads interchangeable?

Yes, all the heads are interchangeable with bodies.

Any head you see in a 135cm (or above 135cm) doll can be used in any other 135cm (or above 135cm) dolls.

Any head you see in a 132cm (or below 132cm) doll can be used in any other 132cm (or below 132cm) dolls.

5.Built-in and removable vagina, which is better?

They look almost the same in body outside. We would recommend built-in vagina, although removable vagina is easier to clean.

6. Why your prices are lower than many other online TPE sex love doll sellers? Are you a legit seller?

We are a China-based reseller of leading TPE sex doll manufacturers in China. We are not greedy for huge margin, we try our best to offer a competitive & affordable price to global customers, we are very happy to see more people can afford to buy a sex doll from us and fulfill their fantasies. All dolls are authentic as pictured and are from original renowned manufacturers.

We only accept PayPal payment so far, PayPal will protect you in case of any trade disputes.

Why My Payment Through PayPal Failed?

7. What is your production lead time, delivery time?

Please see page Shipping & Warranty.

8. What is the shipping cost, and do I have to pay customs taxes?

Please see page Shipping & Warranty.

9. Anywhere else we can see news, images or videos of your latest product?

You can visit our YouTube Channel and Facebook Page:

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