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Affected by coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan China, public holiday extended and shipment delayed

21st Feb 2020, all doll factories have re-opened, orders can be shipped in 3~7 business days. 

Update on 17th Feb 2020 

Only a couple of sex doll factories have not recovered to work yet. Hopefully they can get back to work before Feb 24th, upon approval from the government. If your order is already being processed by factories, the order status is “awaiting shipment”, otherwise, it will remain “awaiting fulfillment”.

For new buyers, if you want to know the estimated delivery date before you place an order, please contact us.

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Updated on 10th Feb 2020:

Only a few sex doll manufacturers have restored to work today with the approval from the government, some other factories are still applying approval from the government, hopefully it can get approved within a week or so. If you already placed an order, the production of your order could be started today or it is still waiting for fulfillment, depending on the dolls you ordered and the status of their corresponding manufacturers.

Please understand that due to the strong prevention measures against coronavirus being taken nationwide, the whole supply chain in China are not able to restore to full capacity in a short time, as well as the international shipping, so the production and shipping time will be taking much longer than usual.

The coronavirus is getting under control now, the new confirmed cases and suspected cases are decreasing daily, but it will still take time to eliminate it. Thank you all for your concern and wishes, we are safe here.

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Dear customers,

We believe that you have heard a lot of news regarding coronavirus outbreak in China. For now, only Wuhan is severely affected but the whole country is taking measures to prevent the virus from spreading.

It is highly suggested that we all stay at home during this special period of time to keep safe and block the spread of coronavirus as the coronavirus is spread through droplet transmission when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Yesterday, the government of Guangdong province had announced to extend the CNY holiday (was Jan 18th-31st) to Feb 9th, hence, factory will reopen on Feb 10th, all new orders we receive during Jan 18th – Feb 9th will be fabricated & shipped from Feb 13th, by the order we receive them.

During the extended holiday, our online customer support is still available everyday, please contact us via email or live chat window whenever you need our help.

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused, and thank you for your understanding in this situation.

Have a great day!

Xqueen Sex Dolls Team / 29th Jan 2020

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